Our consultants have worked on many projects in the oil and gas industry.

In these projects, we have used our industry experience and understanding of the regulatory environment to provide practical, realistic and quality services in the following areas:

Regulatory Compliance

The oil and gas industry is highly regulated and the consequences of not complying can be severe.

OSS is able to interpret the regulations as they need to be applied in the field and have consultants who can advise on:

  • System implementation
  • Regulatory & corporate compliance
  • Regulatory training requirements

As well, OSS is able to develop & deliver the required training.

Regulatory Compliance

Hazard & Risk Management

Every project provides its own unique set of risk exposures. OilSafe Solutions' consultants can work with you to identify and manage these exposures.

Our consultants can:

  • Conduct formal Hazard & Risk analyses
  • Facilitate HAZOPs and HAZIDs
  • Develop Emergency Response Plans
  • Deliver hazard & risk management training
Hazard & Risk Management

Safety Management Systems

The operator of a facility must establish and implement a Safety Management System (SMS) to manage all aspects of health and safety.

The SMS is the primary operational and procedural means of ensuring safe operation. A key aspect of the SMS are control measures for MAE.

OilSafe Solutions can:

  • Develop safety management systems
  • Develop safety management plans
  • Develop competence assurance processes
  • Audit the SMS
  • Identify SMS training needs
  • Develop & deliver SMS training
Safety Management Systems


Audits are a key tool in the risk management process.

OSS specialises in conducting the following:

  • Safety case desktop audits
  • Safety case implementation (offshore) audits
  • Safety management system audits
  • Competence assurance audits

Incident Investigations

There is a regulatory requirement to investigate all incidents.

This is done to reduce risk, avoid future incidents and drive continuous improvement. Oilsafe Solutions consultants are highly qualified and experienced in the investigation process.

Our consultants can:

  • Conduct incident investigations
  • Write comprehensive investigation reports
Incident Investigations

OilSafe Solutions supports the services it provides with
specialised training courses.